Mangas, Dakimakuras and socks

Hello Guys,

it’s time again. The package from the end of June came some days ago and now i finally have time to show the things to you 🙂

I bought lots of Mangas and gosh i did spend so much money on Mangas already, but i got them cheap that’s why i bought so many 😀 Here they are!

 DSCF7683 DSCF7684 DSCF7686 DSCF7688 DSCF7689 DSCF7711

I got some japanese Books,too^^

DSCF7685 DSCF7709

and i started the translation of Yotsuba Manga from japan, but it’s hard^^


Oh and i ordered the Prince of Tennis and Haikyuu Game for 3DS 🙂

The Haikyuu ist a limited Edition one with special Booklet, post cards, special content DVD, special Can case, special drama clip, and ami ami exclusive Smartphone stand^^

Sadly Prince of Tennis never got any limited Editions, but i wanted to pre-order it anyway, because the last games are so expensive now and i still want to get them some day^^

GAME-0011831 GAME-0011678

Now now how’s my desk looking with all these new figures? 😀 Great


i’m just missing my Prince of Tennis Figures on the left and i’m still trying to bid on the yowamushi Pedal figures, but one person is always ending the auction and making a new one, because he wants more money for them – I HATE THAT!

Oh and here is a quick shot of my Dakimakurs and Pillows i have. Sadly i have a Gray Cushion from Fairy Tail,too same size as Natu, but it’s not here it’s somewhere else.


my Deck Holders for trading cards came,too^^

DSCF7703 DSCF7702 DSCF7701

And finally my Free! Socks. They look so awesome, that i was frigthened i can destroy them, so i just put them on for some minutes to take a pic for you guys!



Alright, now that’s all for today^.^ I will write again when my Charlotte Doll from ami ami came or when i ordered something new 🙂 See you

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new figures arrived and i have some ordering news

First Noumi, you can see second and third below

DSCF7589 DSCF7591

My Free Figures

DSCF7606 DSCF7607 DSCF7609 DSCF7610 DSCF7612

They had their first experience at the pool already xD

DSCF7621 DSCF7622 DSCF7623 DSCF7624 DSCF7625

Nanoha Nendoroid. Got her for 1200yen new^^


And here are now my Noumi Collection and my 1/4 figures i have so far.

DSCF7655 DSCF7656

Orders for June and July


Orders for August and September


And Orders for Oktober, Nov and Dezember


these aren’t all, because there are coming more Azone Dolls, but there aren’t any produced by now i can add to my Infinite Stratos collection. And for the people, who noticed: I have canceled Naoe from Hyakka Ryouran and ordered Charlotte Dunois Azone 50cm Doll instead^^

Hope you liked my pictures. see you with the next package and figures


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many figures and dolls

This Time around i have many Figures and Dolls ordered and just wanted to show you the dolls and figures i chose 🙂

Cecilia from Infinite Stratos and Naoe from Hyakka Ryouran-Samurai Bride

198510 198908

Haruka and Makoto Alter Figures from Free!


All 10cm Free! Figures

211326 211327 211329 211328 211330

Noumi from Little Busters- These Pictures are the same figure, but on the first sight with ears and on the second sight without her ears!

De-JaY1260228966 De-JaY1260228969

And here are the christmas version and the winter version with a coat ^^

kilani1274946260 kilani1274946429

A Uta no Prince-Sama Second Season Voice Figure Set!

Every Character can talk up to 3 sentences of the anime series


3 Azone Maids in 1/12 scale

FIG-DOL-6879 FIG-DOL-6902


And last but not least Nendoroid Nanoha and her 1/4 Scale Bunny Version 🙂

itsjustsaul1256784816 itsjustsaul1256785014 itsjustsaul1256785068 OhnoRaptors1343873244

Figures i want to buy for sure later on>

All Kuroko no Basuke Figures

166704 Miru_Mirt1393583907 175643 189882

the unpainted one is Midorima, still waiting for him to be painted and i will definitely pre-order him then!!!


The new 10cm second Season UtaPri Figures, i have to wait until July to grab them

otoya tokiya shou natsuki masato len


All 10cm Yowamushi Pedal Figures, i have to wait until July to grab them as well


and of course all Prince of Tennis Figures! 🙂

132711 144475 166691


I hope you liked my order and to order soon list and i will get back to you guys with a review of the first figure, that arrives

Bye Bye


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Miki and Haruka

I got Miki and Haruka some weeks ago. But didn’t have enough time to write in my german and my english blog. Sorry for that!

But anyway here they are, i love them so much*.*

DSCF7493 DSCF7494

DSCF7496 DSCF7498 DSCF7499DSCF7497

DSCF7509 DSCF7529 DSCF7533 DSCF7526 DSCF7504

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Soom Gluino /Mechanic Vampire Ayato

Here is soom Gluino Mechanic Vampire as Ayato from Diabolik Lovers 🙂

ayato DSCF7076

i love him ^.^

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Amazon games came

My 3DS LL from japan and my limited games came ❤

DSCF7028 DSCF7030

Houkago Colourful Box Is amazon limited and amazon put a second package around the limited version, that includes a Drama CD and sticker..

  DSCF7023 DSCF7035 DSCF7031 DSCF7032

The Playbutton in the middle does look awesome. But i didn’t test is so far, still in packaging 😀

DSCF7036 DSCF7040 DSCF7043

The Natsuzora limited Edition comes with a Drama CD and Postcards 🙂 i think about 10, but didn’t open them yet so i can just show you one!

DSCF7046 DSCF7050 DSCF7051 DSCF7052 DSCF7053

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Found a Face up maker for Gluino

hey there, i’m happy i now found a fitting wig and a face up maker for Ayato (Soom Gluino) and wanted to show you the first raw pics 🙂




So far so good in my opinion, just the brows below the eyes are maybe not fitting ayato, but i asked again if that’s okay.. The wig is on it’s way and when she’s here i will make pictures again

look forward to them^^ good night

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