Amazon games came

My 3DS LL from japan and my limited games came ❤

DSCF7028 DSCF7030

Houkago Colourful Box Is amazon limited and amazon put a second package around the limited version, that includes a Drama CD and sticker..

  DSCF7023 DSCF7035 DSCF7031 DSCF7032

The Playbutton in the middle does look awesome. But i didn’t test is so far, still in packaging 😀

DSCF7036 DSCF7040 DSCF7043

The Natsuzora limited Edition comes with a Drama CD and Postcards 🙂 i think about 10, but didn’t open them yet so i can just show you one!

DSCF7046 DSCF7050 DSCF7051 DSCF7052 DSCF7053


About Lucy Heartfilia

I'm a friendly female Otaku Collecting Anime Figures Videogames and BJD's for years! I love Chips, Cola and Fries
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