many figures and dolls

This Time around i have many Figures and Dolls ordered and just wanted to show you the dolls and figures i chose 🙂

Cecilia from Infinite Stratos and Naoe from Hyakka Ryouran-Samurai Bride

198510 198908

Haruka and Makoto Alter Figures from Free!


All 10cm Free! Figures

211326 211327 211329 211328 211330

Noumi from Little Busters- These Pictures are the same figure, but on the first sight with ears and on the second sight without her ears!

De-JaY1260228966 De-JaY1260228969

And here are the christmas version and the winter version with a coat ^^

kilani1274946260 kilani1274946429

A Uta no Prince-Sama Second Season Voice Figure Set!

Every Character can talk up to 3 sentences of the anime series


3 Azone Maids in 1/12 scale

FIG-DOL-6879 FIG-DOL-6902


And last but not least Nendoroid Nanoha and her 1/4 Scale Bunny Version 🙂

itsjustsaul1256784816 itsjustsaul1256785014 itsjustsaul1256785068 OhnoRaptors1343873244

Figures i want to buy for sure later on>

All Kuroko no Basuke Figures

166704 Miru_Mirt1393583907 175643 189882

the unpainted one is Midorima, still waiting for him to be painted and i will definitely pre-order him then!!!


The new 10cm second Season UtaPri Figures, i have to wait until July to grab them

otoya tokiya shou natsuki masato len


All 10cm Yowamushi Pedal Figures, i have to wait until July to grab them as well


and of course all Prince of Tennis Figures! 🙂

132711 144475 166691


I hope you liked my order and to order soon list and i will get back to you guys with a review of the first figure, that arrives

Bye Bye



About Lucy Heartfilia

I'm a friendly female Otaku Collecting Anime Figures Videogames and BJD's for years! I love Chips, Cola and Fries
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