Mangas, Dakimakuras and socks

Hello Guys,

it’s time again. The package from the end of June came some days ago and now i finally have time to show the things to you 🙂

I bought lots of Mangas and gosh i did spend so much money on Mangas already, but i got them cheap that’s why i bought so many 😀 Here they are!

 DSCF7683 DSCF7684 DSCF7686 DSCF7688 DSCF7689 DSCF7711

I got some japanese Books,too^^

DSCF7685 DSCF7709

and i started the translation of Yotsuba Manga from japan, but it’s hard^^


Oh and i ordered the Prince of Tennis and Haikyuu Game for 3DS 🙂

The Haikyuu ist a limited Edition one with special Booklet, post cards, special content DVD, special Can case, special drama clip, and ami ami exclusive Smartphone stand^^

Sadly Prince of Tennis never got any limited Editions, but i wanted to pre-order it anyway, because the last games are so expensive now and i still want to get them some day^^

GAME-0011831 GAME-0011678

Now now how’s my desk looking with all these new figures? 😀 Great


i’m just missing my Prince of Tennis Figures on the left and i’m still trying to bid on the yowamushi Pedal figures, but one person is always ending the auction and making a new one, because he wants more money for them – I HATE THAT!

Oh and here is a quick shot of my Dakimakurs and Pillows i have. Sadly i have a Gray Cushion from Fairy Tail,too same size as Natu, but it’s not here it’s somewhere else.


my Deck Holders for trading cards came,too^^

DSCF7703 DSCF7702 DSCF7701

And finally my Free! Socks. They look so awesome, that i was frigthened i can destroy them, so i just put them on for some minutes to take a pic for you guys!



Alright, now that’s all for today^.^ I will write again when my Charlotte Doll from ami ami came or when i ordered something new 🙂 See you


About Lucy Heartfilia

I'm a friendly female Otaku Collecting Anime Figures Videogames and BJD's for years! I love Chips, Cola and Fries
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